HMS Royal Oak – Colourised

My digital recolouring of the HMS Royal Oak — Original Photo © Orkney Library and Archive

As this is the 80th anniversary of the sinking of the HMS Royal Oak I decided to colourise a photo of this iconic ship that now lies at the bottom of Scapa Flow. It’s of special interest to me as the buoy marking the position of the sunken vessel can be seen from the house I grew up in. I used to see the markers green flash from my living room window.

Original photo of the HMS Royal Oak — © Orkney Library and Archive

The HMS Royal Oak was 189 metres in length, had a breadth of 27 metres and a displacement of 30,450 tons.

On October 14, 1939, the Royal Oak was torpedoed by the U-47 German submarine. 834 were killed in total during the attack and due to their wounds later.

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