Photoshopping Kids Drawings

Photoshopping my kids drawings into reality with the magical power of adobe photoshop.

The process of photoshopping kids drawings into reality consists of manipulating real images and digital painting any extras while keeping as true to the orignal as possible.

1 I Photoshopped My Daughters Drawing of a Dog

This is a little drawing and photoshop project that me and my daughter started entitled ‘I photoshopped my daughters drawing of a …’. We started this project for something to keep us occupied while in two isolation during the covid-19 outbreak. At this point with the country now in lockdown, we will possibly be making these for quite some time. Stay safe everyone and enjoy!

The new versions of these familiar creatures below are the result of a graphic designer and his daughter that loves to draw teaming up in a creative collaboration. The results are funny a little wholesome and quite a bit scary. Enjoy.

So far our personal favourite is the Sheep. The dog got a lot of love over on reddit. I would like to point out the bee was originally drawn by my younger cousin when she was the same age as my daughter however it has made a perfect addition to this little collection.

More drawings and photoshopping in progress and we will be adding them here when they are ready. Keep an eye on this post because there might just be something new added the next time you visit.

2 I Photoshopped My Cousins Drawing of a Bee
3 I Photoshopped My Daughters Drawing of a Horse
4 I Photoshopped My Daughters Drawing of a Flower
5 I Photoshopped My Daughters Drawing of a Butterfly
6 I Photoshopped My Daughters Drawing of a Sheep

Photoshopping my kids drawings to be continued… when my daughter draws some more classics.

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